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b-sides 02.05.24 w/ AZAMI

AZAMI represents miscellaneous art project conceived by Anna Huszák from Budapest, Hungary. She draws his inspiration from hypnotic techno, mostly from the Italian and Spanish lines. What makes her world colorful is that she also brings her passion for Jazz, Dub, Ambient and Polyrhytmics which she likes to experience with. The complexity of AZAMI’s world is also inspired by the art of collage. She is a collage artist, in which she plays blodly with textures and colours, not afraid to make her crowded creations understandable to the viewer. Pushing the boundaries of Taboos, she strives to leave an overall artistic imprint. Her DJ sets show her passion and respect for the hypnotic and deep techno field. What unites her music sets is the hypnotizing effects and repetitions that invite to deeper side of listening and understanding which takes the listeners out for longer periods of time. Her aim is to tell complex stories within her mixes, allowing for highs and lows. In the same set, there can be harmonic periods which provide emotional experiences, and on the other hand, very texture- heavy dark beats, in which she and the listeners can vent any pent-up anger or pain, leaving it behind in a trance like state. AZAMI is still new in the world of techno and expression through art, but her youthful drive and hunger to reach can only inspire her to expand and enchant the audience. For me, humility is the most important thing in music. I think you can not do anything without passion or something to say. For me, music is a part of my art in which I can express all the emotions in my heart, be it softness and harmony or anger and agression, I like to draw inspiration from the Spanish, Japanese and the Italian lineage, as well as from many different genres of music, be it Jazz, Dub, Ambient or Polyrhytmic. My aim for my sets to have something lasting to say, to make you think, and to play out emotions and feelings that the listeners has suppressed. I bring the audience together for a deeper level of listening that brings them closer to their environment and to themselves.”