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  • Imatge del programa b-sides-040724-w-matkec

    Rooted in Belgrade, often dubbed the world's party capital, Matkec stands as a seminal figure and a regular fixture at the best venues, festivals, eve...

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    b sides w matkec

    • club
    • bass
    • breaks
  • Imatge del programa bambi

    Following the steps of a new generation of genre-breaking DJs possessed by the 90’s rave demons, Bambi has made a name for herself in France thanks to...

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    • ambient
    • electronica
    • dub
  • Imatge del programa b-sides-260624-w-jehia

    Influenced by the sounds of Jungle, Bass, IDM, and Deconstructed Club, Jehia is a Cairo born, Barcelona based DJ that has developed a very particular ...

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    b sides w jehia

    • drone
    • ambient
    • experimental
  • neowarras w yasmina gasolina vulva vitamina

    • electronic
    • queer
  • Imatge del programa kinda

    Kinda, DJ, productor musical, residente y fundador de Sudar. Nacido en Perú, formado en Buenos Aires y basado en Barcelona. Expresa su construcción s...

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    • house
    • latin
  • Imatge del programa b-sides-020524-w-azami

    AZAMI represents miscellaneous art project conceived by Anna Huszák from Budapest, Hungary. She draws his inspiration from hypnotic techno, mostly f...

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    b sides w azami

    • hypnotic techno
    • techno
    • dub
  • Imatge del programa b-sides-250424-w-winna-quique-julia-castello

    Winna es una artista emergente en el género pop/rock alternativo originante de Barcelona, cantante y multiinstrumentista. Sus melodías melancólicas e ...

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    b sides w winna quique julia castello

    • pop
    • indie-rock
    • alternative