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Life is about exploring, observing, being adventurous, perspiring nature, challenging difficulties, and finding solutions (to these same difficulties). Life, as complex as it could be, is about taking risks. That's how I embrace it. At least, up until nowadays, that's been my ''existential path'' From Freetown through Barcelona to London and so on, therefore I've decided to entitle my show ''The Journey''. The first one will be nothing more of a presentation, a straightforward intention of displaying a panoply of music tastes. From my personal few shows, and by featuring now and then at NT's, I realized there used to be a quelling aura fuelled by whatever my purpose or intention was to select different musical textures. To a certain point, I'd like to reach the soulful core, metaphorically speaking, of the audience, to persuade them to be curious, to search and research other ways of understanding music. After all, ''the flower of life had to blossom in diversity, the oneness coming back alive in the dancing, interdependent many''. Let's toast for the best and move forward with the community of DUBLAB BCN'

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